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gribb offers three levels of data insights:

1: Only the driver can see his/her driving score

The individual driving score is only shown to the driver by using the driver app, including the average score of their peer group. The fleet manager has no insights.

2: The fleet manager can see the average driving score of his fleet

The average driving score of a hub, team, region or country is shown to the fleet manager in the portal. The performance of individuals is not visible. All data remains anonymously. 

3: The fleet manager has full access to all driving scores

All individual driving scores are displayed in the portal, including the breakdown of this score. The individual driving score is also shown to the driver by using the driver app, including the average score of their peer group.

No! gribb uses the data that your current telematics supplier already collects. We read data that we enrich through our algorithm so that you can see the driving behaviour scores and point to improve in one clear dashboard. With your permission, this is done through an API link that we set up with your telematics service provider (TSP). What is important to know: the data quality that we collect from your telematics supplier must be of the highest possible quality (preferably high frequency lat/long + XYZ data). 

The better the data, the better the driving score and the predictive value off gribb. If your data is not yet high-frequency, you can adjust this at a number of telematics providers at some extra costs. These slightly higher costs provide you with much better data. Off course we’re also able to collect OEM data straight from the vehicle. At this point TSP data is more valuable, but this will change soon and fast and we are prepared for that too. 

We are always able to connect a driver to a vehicle. We offer multiple solutions for this matter, sometimes this will be a tailor-made solution and sometimes an off-the-shelf solution.

So many clients, so many devices, so many possibilities. With the right data and permissions, we can connect a driver to a vehicle.

Yes, we are independent and we work together with various insurers and insurance intermediaries and link our dashboard with almost every TSP (Telematics Service Provider). We simply have one clear goal: helping your company or client to reduce the cost of claims, increase road safety and reduce the costs of fleets. We help you, year after year, to get a lower TCO.


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